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I was actually referring to debate on the lax site, in the link. They had commentary on snubs, surprises, etc. – and the main article had nothing to say about Loyola’s seed.
I guess I’ve got some learning to do about lacrosse; the shallow pool of teams makes a difference, I suppose. I guess Army is our “bad loss” – but it doesn’t seem that bad. They just gave Notre Dame a good run. It does look like Army’s OOC was particularly bad; is Rutgers decent, historically? The others on their schedule looked pretty soft, to me.
I suppose our Nova win was no great shakes, given their final record. But their schedule looks like it was pretty brutal. To be more highly regarded, what do we need? An ACC game or two, you think?
The article seems to indicate Hofstra was a semi-snub. I’m struggling to see why, comparing their results to ours, they’d get higher regard…