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He seems to be a transfer from the AFA. He was listed on their roster this year. I’m not sure how much eligibility he has left but appears to be a great get.

Sam Ashey, LHP, Cinco Ranch HS, Katy, TX
Sam was 6-2 and 1.64 for an average high school team (17-13). That always means a gold star for me when a pitcher does really well for a team that doesn’t help much. He had 63 strikeouts in 59 innings as it says 76 on the Falcons’ website so he can strike out batters but the 3 walks is a misprint as he walked 17 which is still good. The error was Maxpreps and not the Falcons’. No biggee. He gave up 38 hits to go along with the 17 walks which results in a WHIP below 1.00 and that is always good.