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How many of all the prospects listed by this effort actually came to Lehigh?

Hawkineer, if you want this info it would be very easy to figure out. It would be a useful contribution to the conversation as well, rather than jumping on here to tell other people how to spend their time and add no value.

I’m more of a hoops guy, but I enjoy the recruiting aspect. Another part of it is that it gives you a heads up on opponents once these kids get on campus. Clearly we recruited CJ Davis, a NY point guard pretty hard this year, but he ended up at Columbia. I will find it very interesting to follow his career compared to Kahron Ross, and especially if they match up head to head during their 4 years.

Or a kid like Matt Husek that played in the Lehigh Valley but didn’t appear to receive an offer from Lehigh or Lafayette, yet ended up in the PL at Holy Cross. Did we miss on him, or will he never be a big contributor? The recruiting makes everything more interesting since it is the lifeblood of college teams.