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Wow. Seems like I really struck a nerve. I was not trying to attack anyone. Not my intention. Just wanted to make sure everyone is aware the majority of the information on here is NOT accurate.

Unlike most, I actually feel this thread can HURT the recruiting efforts of the LU program. Before losing your collective minds, hear me out.

It has been stated that 45% of last year’s list was offered by LU. (I would argue it’s probably even less than that because any kid can go on their own Rivals site and say they have been offered by a school even if they just got an standard introductory letter or e-mail) So, the majority of this list are kids who are not being actively recruited by LU.

What if I am a H.S. QB that Lehigh is calling and actively recruiting but my name is not on this list? I do some research online and find your list that has 4 QB on it. Now I’m questioning if LU is really interested in me because I found your list online that has 4 other QB’s on it and I’m not one of them. Meanwhile, LU isn’t even really recruiting 3 of the 4 QB’s listed! Just a thought.

16-19 year old kids can find anything on the internet. I’d bet the players Lehigh is recruiting find this board and take what is written on here (good or bad) to be truthful and accurate when the majority of information is inaccurate.

Again, not trying to attack or criticize anyone. If RichH wants to spend his time looking at 18yr old boy’s twitter feeds, God Bless him. It’s his time he can do what he wants with it. If everyone wants to spend their time reading it, that’s fine too. Just take it for what it’s worth.