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What if I am a H.S. QB that Lehigh is calling and actively recruiting but my name is not on this list? I do some research online and find your list that has 4 QB on it. Now I’m questioning if LU is really interested in me because I found your list online that has 4 other QB’s on it and I’m not one of them. Meanwhile, LU isn’t even really recruiting 3 of the 4 QB’s listed! Just a thought.

This is a conceivable scenario. But so is a kid being recruited by a few schools, and seeing that there is a hardcore group of Lehigh supporters that care enough about Lehigh football to track the team’s recruiting targets. Maybe the prospect thinks it’s great and sees the fan support as a reason to choose Lehigh over Georgetown. I don’t think scaring kids from LU with a tracking list like this a legit concern.

I would argue it’s probably even less than that because any kid can go on their own Rivals site and say they have been offered by a school even if they just got an standard introductory letter or e-mail

Agree 100% that offer lists are not entirely accurate. That said, a kid cannot update his own Rivals site. It’s not facebook and the kids don’t have access to make edits. Their coach could reach out to a regional editor and make false claims about offers, which I’m sure happens with some frequency. But a kid can’t “go on their own Rivals site and say they have been offered.” Pages like Hudl and RecruitMe are user generated and can be edited by the prospect, but to my knowledge (and for that reason) they do not list offers.