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I’ll bite.

Tim at the 5 is a lock. I think Jesse will start at the 4, although I see JG getting a lot of time at the 4/5 and wouldn’t mind him getting at least equal time to JC. I think Austin will start on one wing with Corey starting as well. At the point, I think Kahron Ross is going to win the job with MS getting good minutes at both the 1 and the 2.


First three off the bench will be Justin, Miles, and Glover. I’m also going to make it 4 off the bench since I think Brandon Alston will break into the rotation as well.

Obviously we haven’t seen the frosh play, but by all accounts Kahron and Brandon especially seem ready to contribute early. I’m also on the record as saying I think Glover will be a solid part of the rotation this year. Long story short this is an early guess at starters, but this team has a LOT of depth (much of it unproven) and not many guys with spots or minutes locked down.