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As always, the starting lineup will be predicated on one’s ability and willingness to play defense. I have no idea what Brett’s projected lineup will be but this is the way I would go.
Based solely on depth, we will likely send out a PG, 2 wings and 2 FW. TK will certainly man one of the FW spots. I would put JC at the other. I want JGs energy coming off the bench. I suspect however that he will get plenty of minutes. CB (if eligible) will also get his fair share of minutes for rebounding and shot blocking.
I would start AP and BA at the wings. Both are around 6-5 and will give the team added height and hopefully rebounding. AP will hopefully provide the long ball needed to stretch the defense while BA appears to be a slasher so they should complement each other. I’m starting BA because frankly I think that he may be just that good. I see SC has the guy to replace AP and JRG as the alternative to BA with minutes being allocated according to production. I’m moving CS back to the point this season simply because I want experience there. CS has always seemed to do a good job protecting the ball, making the right pass and has a wonderful outside stroke. I would not be giving him MM minutes though. MS and KR are waiting in the wings and will push for extensive minutes.
Like always, this is just conjecture but makes for good fodder during this down period.