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Agreed, of course, that TK is a lock. I’m also with TMH re: CS. I’d be really shocked if he didn’t start at the one. For leadership, experience, ball security – I think he’s a near lock there at the start of the season. I also think we’re likely to see him play off the ball as the season progresses, depending on how MS and KR develop.
After those 2, the picture gets much more cloudy. As JG’s number one cheerleader, I still believe that he should start at the 4. I realize that this still creates a depth problem, but I’ll contend that you’ve got to play to win – start your best 5. I see CB as first big off the bench at the 4 or 5. I’m going to assume that he learned a lesson and will be eligible – we absolutely need him to be.
Now I probably start going of the reservation – ha! I’m thinking JC at 3/wing – but might be pressed by JRG, or maybe even KM. Based on what we saw last year in terms of minutes, it’s hard not to see JC starting – but who knows. If either JRG or KM look sharp early, especially if they can get to the rim – maybe JC becomes depth at a big slot?
The 2 spot is the biggest mystery to me. I’m going to pencil AP in as the starter, but based on the lineup above we might need a 2 with top-notch handle. If BA is ready, I think he could push early for time there too – maybe pushing AP to the wing some? Does JC play some 2? TMH’s thoughts on CS, AP, and BA all on the floor are intriguing to me – especially if BA proves to be the slasher-type. I think SC will also be in the rotation at 2 or 3.
So the two biggest uncertainties to me are starter at the 2, and JC’s regular position. He was certainly productive last year – but I really struggle to figure out his spot.