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Yes, I’m gonna necro this old thread. Props to lehigh90 for most closely nailing the lineup for last year. The injury to AD screwed up everybody’s predictions, but 90 had the clearest vision on the reality. He also spoke truth on the “unexpected” by December – clearly TK was 100% positive surprise. I have to believe he met our very best, wildest hopes.
Generally speaking, despite our VERY limited visibility, I think we actually had a pretty good handle on what to expect. 65 was also on the mark with TK’s immediate impact.
But we were probably a bit overly optimistic in expecting (hoping?) to compete for a PL championship. Maybe we’re in a better position for that this year; I’d like to think so.
Funniest part to me, in rereading this, is that I’m arguing for the same frontcourt this year as I was last year!