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I understand that once again our starting lineup is a real crap shoot and there are still so many unknowns going into this season (esp how much improvement will we see individually from our rising sophs), but I’m having a difficult time seeing JC as a SF or wing. The man is 6-8,225. He jumps center for us. I don’t want him standing 15-20 ft away from the basket.With a little coaching from TK (the closest thing we have to a big man coach) on how to effectively post up and an attitude adjustment whereby he thinks he owns the paint and we should have another ZC. This team is loaded with wings of all shapes, sizes and skills. AP,SC and TJ look like they can all load it up from the 3. BA and JRG appear to have good penetration moves. Throw CS and MS in the mix and those spots are covered. We lack quality depth ant the #4 and #5, so I certainly don’t want 3 of our 4 scholarship bigs on the court at the same time. I also don’t think JC can effectively cover quick 3s in the open court. Just my opinion.
My question is how much PT does Doc give our walk-ons. Do they get the same opportunity to prove themselves as the scholarship players in his system?