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You made a statement that we were 0-6 in recruiting head to head against UPenn. I asked how you knew that.

Based on your response, the answer is pretty clear, you DON’T know. What’s worse, you are trying to hide behind what is listed on recruiting sites that we have already established are not accurate.

So why make a statement that LU is 0-6 against Penn when you have no idea how LU did against Penn in recruiting? Is it to feed your ego? Because the almighty RichH is “supposed” to know all about Lehigh Football recruiting?

Is it to hurt the LU program, because posting that “we” went 0-6 against UPenn certainly doesn’t help the program.

People who read RichH postings need to know that this guy spews garbage. He makes statements like, we went 0-6 head to head against Penn, when he really has NO IDEA. He tries to present himself as an expert on LU football and LU recruiting when in reality he’s a reporter who relays false information and passes off his opinions as facts.