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Couldn’t agree more with everyone here. The Big 5 would be hard to penetrate on a consistent basis, but Drexel seems like an ideal fit for a long term home and home series. Obviously, no one here knows the behind the scenes stuff, but when two programs like Drexel and Lehigh both complain about getting home games with local interest, it’s very frustrating not to see it happen. Drexel has been begging for home/home games all off season on basketball travelers, and has struggled to get quality home games for years.

I understand Doc wants to recruit nationally, but from a fan perspective decent local mid majors with large alumni pockets seem to be such an obvious draw. I think it is pretty crazy that Lehigh doesn’t play in Philly and in NY every year. For example, two series with Columbia and Fordham that flip flop so Lehigh has one at home and one away in NYC every year. Then try to get a similar situation with Drexel/Penn. 4 decent games a year with two at home and two in key markets. I’m sure it isn’t easy, but it would be great. I guess Columbia/LIU could fit this for NYC (although I would prefer Fordham).