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Cobbler, I lost all respect for you when you called me a fraud and spouted incorrect information that high school athletes could doctor their own Rivals profile. You were proven definitively incorrect but instead of stopping your nonsense you pivoted topics to stay on the attack. You are also guilty of trying to trap RichH and make his list look inaccurate when stating that Lehigh will not get a commitment from every QB they recruit. Of course they won’t get a commit from every qb, that would make ZERO sense for the athletes or the school.

As far as I can tell, you are the most clueless poster on this board and if you want to critique a system you should probably make some effort to educate yourself on it first. RichH does a ton of legwork and while admitting the information on the internet is incomplete and inaccurate, he is completely fair and transparent in the way that he presents such information with full disclosure. You in fact, are the only person who is spreading factually untrue statements with zero research. If there is anyone on this board who is a fraud and posts information with no source while positioning it as “fact” it is you. The fact that you fail to see your negativity, hypocrisy, and lack of accuracy while demeaning others is astounding. If RichH made an honest mistake reading the calendar, he did so in an attempt to provide a service to the board. Your incorrect information comes with an obsessive agenda and zero sense of integrity – yet you call others a fraud. Long story short, nobody gives a sh*t what you think.