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Brutal schedule to start the season. JMU, UNH, Yale, will very likely be 0-3. Never know how a team reacts to that, especially a team that has never been in that type of situation before.

I’m going to lower my expectations this year and say 4-7. Lucky to win 8 games last year (Cent Conn, Princeton, UNH, Monmouth; lose any 2 of these and last year was a 6-5 season). Rather be happy with a 6-5 season than expect 7-4 and be disappointed with 6-5.

JMU – loss
UNH – loss
Yale – loss
Monmouth – 50/50
Bucknell – win
Cornell – 50/50
Fordham – loss
Georgetown – win
Holy Cross – 50/50
Colgate – 50/50
Lafayette – loss

Who is going to play QB?