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Go Lehigh TU Owl
Go Lehigh TU Owl

UNH in Durham is the only game where I don’t think LU has a shot. The Wildcats will be out for blood and they’re nearly unbeatable at home. Trading Princeton for Yale is a break. The Eli have talent but they’re still likely a middle of the pack Ivy League team imo. Cornell will likely be battling Columbia for the IL basement.

Monmouth could be a headache. But, they still don’t have the depth of talent Lehigh has. Even so this game does worry me a bit.

I think Lehigh has a reasonable shot to beat either Fordham or JMU. I actually think LU COULD match up well with Fordham if Yosha and the OL get things going….

Lehigh picked a good year for a transition. Every single team in the PLsans Fordham enters 2014 with questions and major coaching changes. Colgate lost their savior, Lafayette’s defense has a new DC after a brutal ’13, Gilmore might be coaching for his job , Bucknell needs retooling on “O” and the Hoya’s are in shambles…..

My odds for LU to win game…
JMU 33%
UNH 10%
Yale 65%
Monmouth 75%
Bucknell 65%
Cornell 85%
Fordham 40%
Georgetown 98%
Holy Cross 55%
Colgate 75%
Lafayette 50%