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I feel too many unknowns to predict anything more than 4-5 wins. Expectations of 7-8 wins are not realistic in my opinion.

We have no idea how D will be. Yes a lot of LB and DL are back but they are back from one of the worst D’s in school history. Gave up 48+ points in 3 league games! Secondary will be basically all new. Can’t be worse than last year, right? (Famous last words).

Another big ? for me is who is playing QB? Neither guy showed they could win more than 4-5 games based on last season’s performance. Yes, they should get better but how much better when they didn’t practice at all in spring (McHale) or limited reps in spring (Shaf).

Also have to replace 1st team PL Punter and 3 year long snapper.

Not to mention all the new coaches.

LU is due for a bad year. It’s so hard to stay on top for an extended period of time. Every program has down years. Seems like this is setting up that way. Let’s not forget, we gave up 98 points to Bucknell and Lafayette who were 6 win teams. I mentioned before, LU probably closer to a 6 win team itself last year. 4-5 wins this year won’t be as big a drop off to me.