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Not sure TMH about newness helping much. Andy sticking to same O scheme. Tendencies a bit different, I guess, with Folmar. His history shows a pass first mentality much the same as Cheech.Who steps up at QB will mean more . Matt is a runner who throws,Nick is a passer who can run. Coordinating O,crucial. Other than OL and TE lots if new everywhere.
D will be better. Good enough ? DL is the linch pin. Last yr L could not stop run or keep OL off our LBs. Solving that will stabilize D.2ndary all new but not inexperienced. If front 7 can handle run better .they s/b OK.Last yr our Ss had to react forward to help run. Fordham game Ss gave up huge plays by getting caught coming down on run fakes leaving open long pass.
:) So our speculations are all possible. Is this the end of an up cycle? Possible,we’ve seen them before over the last decades.IMO last year was the rebuilding year for this group.BB coming in had little experience and was vastly different than prior QBs.
QB and DL and new OC and DC. How these develop and hiw quickly should set our season. 4-7 to 9-2??