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So just want to make sure I’m understanding you correctly…all the changes for teams around the PL is a negative for those teams but all the changes for LU are a positive for us?

JMU has a new coach but they will also play a game before playing LU. Up for debate if that’s an advantage or not. Results against Princeton the last 4 years would suggest advantage goes to the team that has played vs the team that hasn’t.

Not sure how Monmouth going to a new league is a change that gives LU an advantage against them. Can you elaborate? Monmouth will be much better this season. QB, WR, RB and good DL returning. Also have best LB returning after year suspension. But then again I don’t know much about our opponents so take that for what it’s worth…

Cornell losing QB is a definite + for LU. Cornell will still be better than Columbia was last year. Looking at stats, Columbia had the worst, dead last, rock bottom, Offense in all of FCS.

IMO, the focus needs to be on LU. The consensus on here seems to be this team starts out 0-2. I would argue 0-3. Yale will be top 1/2 of IVY this year.

Starting out 0-2 means this team can only lose 2 more games the rest of the season to win 7 games. That includes Fordham, Bucknell & Lafayette who all smoked LU last year. Yale & Monmouth also very tough games.

Team was not good last year. When is the last time LU lost 3 league games? Even in last 4-7 season was 4-2 in Pat League! Somehow found a way to win 8 games.

I look at a team like Fordham. I think they are going to be very good. Why…because they have QB, WR, TE, OL, DL, LB who have all proven they are good players and can win a lot of games. I don’t see anything like that from LU. Other than Campbell, Newton and Daryoush, I don’t see anyone on LU that has proven they are good players. Will other guys be good players, absolutely. Will enough guys step up to win 7 or 8 games? That’s A LOT of guys who need to step up and I don’t see it happening.

At least last season Sherman had played a lot and made a bunch of big plays as a Soph and Jr. Same with Kurfis, Muhammad, Jarvis. No playmakers coming back this year that have made plays in previous years.

I know I’m being viewed as negative, but I’m just trying to give what I feel is a realistic view of this team. The ones who predict 8 wins with no reasons why other than, we’re Lehigh we just reload, they will be the negative ones on here when the team only wins 5 games.