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Opinios,we all got’em. Cobbler yours just as valid as anyone else’s, Dont agree with it :).
For the first time in a while,we come into a year with many more issues than answers.Clear we have a half a glass now. Half full or half empty seems to be creating different expectations.
A bit restrictive in your picks of proven player. Coyle,Parris,Caslow,Laub,Owens all fit there. Probably a few more.
JMU and UNH will be probable losses. JMU a game in hand big advantage. We have a shot ,if team set. I would be pleasantly surprised if we are tho.
UNH,dont think they’ll be looking past us :)
The rest of the sched are all games that can be won.
All of this depends on how we progress in camp. Coordination,injuries ,reps. With so much change ,I dont know what to expect. Winning season and beat LC,pretty good. Hope we do better,think we can ,just dont know.