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bogus megapardus
bogus megapardus

AGS has set up a link for me to provide “fact-a-day” items that will go in a sticky post at the top of the AGS forum in November.

I’d like to start gathering interesting facts and historical notions about The Rivalry for inclusion. I’m sure we’ll have no problem filling up much more than a fact per day.

Please submit facts that you guys would like to be certain are included. RichH and I then will coordinate and cross-check the “facts” before final submission. I think we could allow a few clever and witty barbs at one another through the course of it (PG rated) provided they are balanced.

Please post your suggested facts here or in the AGS Sponsorship thread on the Lafayette board – – or PM RichH here.

Donations to the sponsorship effort can be made through the AGS donation page. Anything from a Lafayette or Lehigh fan will count towards the sponsorship.

Thanks to all.