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I’ve seen nothing on Ford to indicate that the interest between him and Lehigh is serious. That goes for almost all of the big guys.

Two different questions:
1. Who would be the best interior option
2. Whose the most realistic option?

To answer these, there are still a bunch of guys available that would be good interior options. The problem is that with the scraps of info we get via the internet, I haven’t seen anything to indicate that one guy (or any guys) may be realistic at this point. For all we know, Lehigh could either be on the verge of closing a post player or no longer recruiting any at all, that is the amount of info out there right now regarding true bigs. IMO, the lack of news on post guys compared to the announced officials of 2 guards and 3 forwards is probably not a good sign – but it only takes one.

A guy like Greason with limited offers at this point could potentially be a late option if Lehigh doesn’t get someone else this fall, and if they like the way Greason is progressing in the fall/winter. That is just speculation on my part though.