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“Since 2011, this team has had a devil of a time playing a complete game.”….Really???? Including today, this team is 18-5 since 2011. 18-5 you buffoon!

You also show your ignorance by your comment about Cecchini. The LU offense has been one of the best not just in the PL, but in the COUNTRY the last 3 years.

Then you are going to go after the K? How is a kick getting blocked off his foot his fault? Yes he missed a short FG today, but I also just watched the Ohio St K, the Stanford K and the JMU K do the exact same thing. They are kids! They make mistakes. They are not professionals.

Any number of plays could have been made today to win the game. Dropped int’s, dropped passes, untouched 75 yd TD runs. Don’t single out 1 kid. They win and lose as a team.