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My 2 cents, which probably ain’t worth that:
Really impressed with our running game. O-line seemed to really dominate, which was a pleasant surprise to me. Looks to me like Yosha and Sodeke are very similar ball carriers, quick and shifty. Yosha, in particular, seems to be able to make himself very small at the line, and avoid initial contact. I come away with some concern about lack of a power back. I don’t see either of those guys grinding out 3rd and 1s. Shaf appears to be the one most likely to break a tackle, and I can’t help but feel nervous when the QB has to take big hits. Maybe it’s not a big deal, if O-line continues to control LOS.
Very mixed on passing game. The TD (to Gaul, I think?) was really pretty. But we saw a few clunkers, too.
Once again, I think the D is the bigger concern. I don’t have the eye to explain why, but it felt like if the JMU runner got past the LOS, we were giving up big gains. We stuffed a few at the line, but there were a bunch of others where it looked like there was no “2nd level”. Is this a result of d-line being unable to occupy blockers and keep LBs clean?