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Watching game again. At least 200 of JMU yds came on pure speed runs. Speed kills. As a group our D fast but not top end like JMU has.DL dd well 1st half. For whatever reason they were not effective 2nd. Yes, JMU push in late 3rd and 4th moved us back 3 and 4 yds piling up our DL and LBs. 2ndary in man was very good. Zone,ugh,same problem as last yr. Ss both played well. Newton very very good. So far rest are non entities.
OL superb. Sodeke, Yosha and Nick ran well.Sodeke patient used his blocks,not much speed. Yosha also but is quicker and fast. Kauffman one hell of a blocker.TEs and WRs all did well. Knott some good plays some drops. Nick had more misses than hits with long passes. My guess it will get better. STs needs a lot of work. Parris some nice PRs.Anderson looks like he can be good. Better communication and decisions a must.
Pandy,smh. Blocked kuck a missed block. First miss a tough mss,the second he just clutched. Gotta fix him.
Devine a major plus.