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My take aways from the game.

1. Don’t ever base decisions on forecasts from the Weather Channel. They were calling for a 50-60 percent chance of rain. I had decided to skip going to the game and watch on the computer until I checked the forecast from a Lehigh Valley radio station. They said no rain until after 5:00pm. They were correct. There was not a hint of rain all day.
2. I thought Fulmer called an excellent game. It’s been a long time since we mixed passes and runs as effectively as we did in this game.
3. Shaf generally played and managed the game well. However, he missed 3 or 4 open receivers on long pass plays. If he connected on just one of those, we win the game. Hopefully, his accuracy will improve as the season goes on.
4. The defense didn’t look much different than last year and are the reason we lost the game (along with the 3 missed field goals). We missed many many tackles all day. While the defensive backs were generally in good position they failed to look back to locate and possibly make a play on the ball. Our defensive linemen and linebackers may be too small to be successful at this level. In the second half JMU totally dominated the line of scrimmage. Without any stout defensive lineman, I wonder if our personnel wouldn’t be more well suited for a 4 – 3.

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