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Some of my takes from the game.
1.)Pandy was to be a strength and Devine an unknown. FG kicking is far more mental than physical. I hope this doesn’t mess with his head. Does anyone know whether the fist attempt at the last FG was good. I couldn’t tell from my angle. Devine went from a boy to a man in one half. His 1st punt was really weak but somehow bounced and rolled itself for 45 yards. On the second one, the snap bounced off his chest, he tried to pick it up twice and then finally boomed a 55 yd punt. The two punts he stuck inside the 5 were things of beauty.
2.)Nick hasn’t shown me that he can be accurate past 5 yards. His throwing motion still bothers me but he can sure run.
3.)The offensive line was stellar and I loved the game plan. JMU never saw a running game coming in the 1st half.
4.)Drops hurt us, esp the interception near the end of the game.
5.)We were burned by a few big plays and body tackled guys that love to spin. However this defense looked more agressive to me and flew at the ball. DBs did a really nice job on those outside screens.
6.)Yosha and Sodeke showed me a lot. Both exhibited a lot of “squirtability”
7.) Whoever made that tackle at the end of the 1st half has incredible closing speed. I never thought he had a chance.
8.)This is just one, very entertaining game. The result was disappointing but I saw great effort and a lot to look forward to.