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No argument. Agree have to move schollie kids up quickly as possible IF they are better. Jones up on 2 deep.And I am sure ofhers will be as season goes forward. Dangerous to anoint kuds just because of a schollie and knock those preschollie. The blanket statement that the preschollie guys had no offers just is not true. Many did,including Ivies. I do agree that schollie has raised the overall level of talent in each class. But prior classe altho not as deep in talent all have a number of virtually full aid recruits. I do think that more sophs s/b seeing PT.
Do understand giving seniors some priority but not at the cost of losing. Have not seen that happen tho.Which seniors that played hurt us? None that I can recall. Only place I see real need is DL. Stubbs and Mitchell there. Of frish Cavenas and Johnson have tremendous upside but also biggest leap from lower level HS ball. Gille perhaps less of a gap there but he is not a NG.
I dont like rebuilding years either. We lucked out last yr with an easy sched and BB. Well no cupcake sched this year and we lost most of our staff. Expect as team and staff move forward we’re going to see a lot of changes.