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LOL..The Cobbler…seen you were the biggest MORON on here, ive read some of your older post…but anyway. Yes play more of the scholarship kids, they cant do any worse than the “best” guys out there, especially on D. Yeah you named ALOT of guys, and Jones played about two plays….lol. When I say scholarship kids i really mean skilled guys, the speed is the difference when comparing the Jr. and Srs…..see Shafinski,Caslow,Leaks and Ripanti. JMU speed killed Lehigh. Most of the Patriot teams have went to the Sophs and Freshman instead of the veteran kids, I wonder why? Now get more of the younger LBs and DBs in their along with the receivers and Lehigh will be in business. Your grade is an F for trying to discredit everyones OPINION.