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Agree 100% TMH. I’m also hoping JRG can fill that role this year. For all the talk last pre-season about how athletic the team was, there were relatively few athletic plays (fastbreak points, blocks, steals, dunks) compared to previous years. I’m hoping JRG and eventually Holba can be guys that will fill the lane on the break and get easy buckets in transition, plus make some energy plays on both ends. From the film on Kahron he is great in transition and has pretty awesome vision, so it’s important that guys run with him to give him and the other guards options. Miles and TJenks also are super quick and can push the ball but they need some finishers on the wings as well. I think Holba has a pretty high ceiling, but I’m hoping he can be an athletic energy guy from Day 1.

I don’t think the program replaced the toughness off the bench of John Adams and Justin Maneri since they graduated. I hope this team has a little more of that attitude than the last two years.