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Geez,take a breath. My point which you blithely ignore is that LU has a mandatory wgt and fitness program for football players. Other than Guyles every DLineman has put on wgt in the program. Yeah,IMO line still too small. Answer recruit bigger players. Mitchell 260( up from 245), Stubbs 250( up from 230),Smith ,dont know, fr Cavenas at A-S game was over 270,Gille and Johnson 250.Much bigger frame guys. The frosh wll all put on some wgt.
I bitched all last yr and this about DL. Whether just size unlikely. Ability must be a major factor. Some of our best DL have been between 245 and 260.
I would dearly love to see Cavenas in at NG. Huge jump from smallest HS class in Pa to LU. Hope he can adjust fast.