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Yes Todd, hope to see positive ripple effects soon. Good news is Ernst went to buffalo and didn’t commit to Hurley. Also, hope we get some hibbits news soon!!! Pointer visiting witch state this weekend, hope that goes horribly horrible.

Interesting to see W&M lock up Seacat so quickly after Holba cancelled his visit there. Could be a coincidence, but also a good chance W&M was holding out for Holba.

I’d like to add that Cashaw visited Rice last weekend as well, as there has been no news on that front. In this case, no news is good news.

Don’t feel to positive on Pointer right now. My guess is he ends up at Clemson or Wichita. Like the other guard options of Cashaw and Harwell, and maybe Leufroy as well. I’d love to see a class with one guard + Holba, and then a more interior focused forward (Ernst? Koontz?).

I wonder how the commitment of Holba effects guys like Hibbitts and Navigato, maybe not at all or maybe it changes the staff’s focus away from 3/4 types.