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Really worried abut this game. I watched a couple of practices and the safeties really worry me. Got beat deep plenty of times. And wheres #14? UNH is gonna air it out and this might spell doom for Lehigh. JMU got behind our secondary PLENTY of times the QB just couldnt connect. Wheres the Siegenthaler kid, he plays safety. He didnt see many reps in practice. Wheres Kelsey and Redmond for kickoffs and returns. Coen was high on these guys in the camp season. They have to give these guys a chance. Have to put these kids and speed on the field. I noticed Jones got alot of reps, they could use him. The Dbs worry me, I wouldnt be shocked if UNH hung 40 to 50pts on Lehigh. The O has to score every time they touch the ball.