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Right to be worried UNH favored by 17.5. The issue with Ss is not that they were getting beat deep. The problem is why. Again they had to play up for the run,the main reason why they had so many tackles. Fix run D and they can stay back.
Kelsey’s hamstring injury has slowed his progress. Siegen thaler and Barrett both excellent athletes. Barrett in STs now. Both will play.
UNH is #4 team in FCS. They have a depth of talent that no PL team has now. We will need 4 yrs of schollie recruits to come close. We dont have and never will have a raft of red shirt upperclass players. Even with that could we beat? Yup,we did it last yr with less. Will we? Not likely. Can we compete with them now? Yes.
It takes a lot for a frosh to make 2 deep.Andy brings his players along gradually. Is it time to throw this season under the bus and just play fr and so schollie players? Geez, I hope not.