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I understand why you say they got beat deep in the game, but practice, we talking about practice(Allen Iverson voice). Ive watched ALOT of practices, and this just didnt happen. I guess I just see the teams like Bucknell, Holy Cross and the rest of the league using ALOT of FR and Soph. and you can tell by the way they play and their teams are getting better and better INSTANTLY. Lehigh has SIX starters from they last 2 scholly classes, thats not good IMO. Lehigh can wait to play they kids if they want and in a yr or two will Lehigh have problems with alot of inexperienced jr and srs? Build for the future while competing and getting better today. Like I said the kids they throw out there cant do any worse. Change is going to come sooner than later i hope. Maybe this game will shake things up.