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LehighGuy did you ever think maybe the LU program was in better shape than most of the other PL programs and had good players in the program that aren’t scholarship guys? Yes programs like Holy Cross have played a bunch of scholarship guys but HC is 5-18 in 2012-13. FYI…LU is 18-4 during that same timeframe.

I would argue the 22 yr old Sr non-scholarship players LU had been recruiting are better than the large majority of 18 yr old scholarship Freshmen. But I do feel you are starting to see the impact of scholarships. OL that performed so well last week had 2 scholarship players (Duffy & Short) on it. Also had a 5th year Sr (Rugg) and a Sr all-league player (Daryoush). IMO, that is a good mix. If you rely solely on young scholarship players, you are asking for trouble.