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All of the issues that were exposed last week were exposed again this week. The secondary continues to struggle to cover receivers and tackle. The D-line is unable to put any pressure on the opposing QB or stuff the run. That is a deadly combination.

This porous defense will place inordinate pressure on this offense all season long. They just can’t get off the field as evidenced by the two 95+ yard drives last week and the insane UNH offensive stats this week. Despite what the shoe maker believes, this problem was seriously exposed in the Lafayette game last year and has now continued through the first two games this season. At this point, I don’t know if it is talent, scheme, or coaching. My fear is that it is all of the above. If it is talent, perhaps some of the freshmen and sophomore schollie players should be worked in ASAP. Currently, they are using a rope-a-dope tactic and taking far to many blows.

While a win was not expected, it would have been much more promising to see the game be more competitive. Some credit to the offense to keep battling. The defense did not compete at all – period. There is no way to spin it otherwise. It will be good to get back to playing a team with similar talent next week.

I look forward to peach pie’s positive spin on today’s debacle and look even more forward to my forthcoming F. By the way, I stipulate that the place kicker did not impact the outcome of today’s game.