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Lots of good comments here so far.

I’ll gloat about what I thought was an optimistic projection the other day on this board: 41-28 UNH (45-27) and at least 200 rushing yards by UNH (224). Not too far off. It could have been far worse had LU not shown some serious pride in the fourth Q.

Some thoughts:

Parris and Knott (hope he’s not hurt badly, but it did not look good) need to spray stick’m on their hands/gloves (yeah, I know it was raining, but it was raining for UNH guys, too). I counted six drops/fumbles today from our WRs. That has never been part of or condoned in an Air Lehigh offense.

Good news: Pelletier had a breakout day. Big (6-3), good hands, amazing second TD catch. He looks like the real deal. Remember his speed to down a punt last week on special teams? He ought to be starting. Could he earn the nickname Spadolis?

D.J. Bourgeois was a hulk of a kid as a freshman, a good-sized linebacker, and his HS videos looked great. Anyone know where he’s been? He showed up today on the D line, with an athletic strip and fumble recovery. Another positive.

Devine’s punts — and how the ball reacts when it lands — are divine.

Leaks’ INT reminded me of real football: taking a chance once in a while to make things happen, as opposed to playing it safe and giving up 400 yards in the air. Unless the D starts playing a little more aggressively — UNH handled our DL and LB very well (as a few more teams are likely to do) — there are going to be a few more 400-yard passing weeks this year and lots of high scores.

Good news is this was an OOC blowout, so all the little mistakes — the ones that would be huge in a close game (Pandy kicking out of bounds, butchered PAT snap/hold) did not matter. Also, a few guys got to see action that would not have otherwise: Leigh was extremely impressive at RB. (And Yosha looked great, too.)

On the QB side, Shaf’s a gamer, but I’ve seen no evidence he can throw middle to deep — and that’s a problem when you have 3rd and 20, unless you have some receivers who can make things happen.

On the bad side, the missed tackles are unfortunate. That’s got to be a coaching or personnel point. We’ve already talked about the rest of the D.

LU played a top 10 team and saw, even with two years of schollies, now knows what it has to do to be competitive with a Top 20 team. We’re nowhere close in this second week of the season.

Anyone still betting on a winning record, PL title? If I hadn’t see the second half, I’d have figured Georgetown would be a tough game. Second half gave me some hope.

I’m still optimistic about a winning record and PL title, but … I wouldn’t bet on it yet, though … Time will tell.