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Bourgeois was heavily recruited n HS by Rutgers until he wrecked his knee. Last yr he played STs and a bit on DL as a pass rusher. Very active kid. Stubbs on the other side showed a lot of push. Guyles outmatched again. Regardless of a few positives DL totally outmanned.
Campbell probably hurt. Kondas IMO better for us inside and Ripanti outside. Wilmington cannot seem to finish tackles. Leaks and Rigaud had good plays but so many misses .
Is Harvey at FB now ?
Leigh and Yosha impressd. Pelletier has to play. Fast and he can hold onto the ball. OL good on runs ,mot as good on pass but part of that may be UNH pressure. Nick hit hard too often.
Why has Folmar basically ignored TEs and backs as receivers? New but so far not Cecchini.