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On D, obvious that what we are doing is either poorly coached and executed or the players on the field are not capable of executing that scheme effectively. Not sure which it is but agree changes do have to be made. Noiticed that Botts played Kondas inside and moved Ripanti outside. Robb, Caslow,Kondas and Ripanti were more effective. D line outmanned. UNH negated Newton,no other threats on lie. Stubbs finally got some solid PT. Stating the obvious we give up too many huge plays and they are the same ones we gave up last week. Giving up over 600 yds again leaves little room for positives. The solid plays and there were a lot of them were wiped out by the WTF happened that time play. We hold,stop ,big play TD. Yale not as good as either 1st two but not a cupcake.
By the way to get the proper anachronisms think about 5 or6 yrs before the times depicted in Animal House.