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Lehigh needs to find the right guys on defense fast. To some degree I can forgive some of the defensive issues as being adjustment to a new system, etc. but the way these guys played up in UNH they don’t look like a team that can stop anybody.

If you’re out of position against UNH and JMU, they will kill you. To some degree that’s what we’ve seen.

One thing that nobody is talking about that drove me bananas was UNH’s missed FG, which Vailas ran the bobbled snap for the first down and goal that resulted in the first TD. It was like a five yard scramble. How do you not manage to tackle him before he gets to the sticks? That was a seven point swing and a huge momentum boost for UNH from which Lehigh couldn’t recover.

Lehigh may have two very difficult games in the rear view mirror, but now the games against Yale and Monmouth are IMO must-wins before league play. Giving up 400+ yards to Yale would mean a very long Lehigh season.