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TMH, just pulled in to town on the bus, had a few parents on board, injuries, #2 Brandon was bruised up in the 4th qt, #13 Wilmington, could be season ending, same for #40 Laub (shoulder), Duffy will wait & see while #21 Knott, MRI on Monday according to the parents. Recap, UNH, speed & revenge from 2013.
Go back to my early camp prediction, #85, Pelletier is the real thing, Velcro hands & an athlete…. will enjoy watching him grow old at LU. Also, Leigh, may have trouble keeping him out of the lineup.
Nick #9, QB, was running for his life all afternoon & performed as well as he could. Plenty of drop passes from key players.
0-2 for the season, but, they will be ready for the PL.
5 seats left on our 2nd bus up to YALE….