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Miller, I’m totally confused by your post. Are you agreeing with me that there are no playmakers or disagreeing…then something about leaders…I don’t know? Very confusing.

I did catch that you want suggestions so here goes. Fans of other PL schools like to say how spoiled LU fans are. We’ve been blessed with some great football teams at Lehigh over a long period of time. This is not one of those teams. Accept this team for what it is, an average football team. Don’t try to assess blame for losses. Make expectations more realistic and cherish every win rather than pointing fingers for losses. Believe that better times are ahead for the program in the coming years.

I don’t offer suggestions as if I were the HC because I’m not qualified to do so. I have no idea what is going on in practice, in meetings, in the classroom, around campus, in recruiting, etc. How can I possibly make suggestions when the only thing I know about this team is what I see on 11 afternoons out of 365 days?

I can admit that Andy and the other men who are around the players on a daily basis know more about schemes and who should be playing than I do. To offer suggestions about who should be playing and what schemes should be used would be ignorant on my part. I’m not watching practice film. I’m not watching game film of the opponent. I don’t see an injury report. I don’t know what is going on in the lives of the players off the field. How can I possibly offer valid suggestions without knowing this information?

LehighGuy, I believe the “younger” guys aren’t playing because they aren’t good enough. I trust that the defensive staff, who coach and meet with these kids every day, knows who their best football players are and they are putting them on the field each week.