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I’ll be honest about the game. The effort is there from the players on both sides of the ball. I was hoping the excuse we were outmanned the first two games would not happen this week. Honestly, this game we were not outmanned but plan and simple outcoached. Our defense is horrible because of coaching or lack of it. Players look lost,or not sure of assignments,bad angles etc. THATS on the coaches. Leaks had a pick 6, but got picked on all day because he simply wouldn’t turn towards the ball. Ss’ do not react early,wait for ball to come to them. When we did blitz, didn’t look like stunt blitzes just simply running into the line. 5 offensive lineman can and did stop our vanilla schemes. I guess the 2 D coordinaters people bitched about last season would probably have us at 2-1 right now. Hope injured kids are ok,and we somehow regroup and rally.