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Hard to imagine some of these kids played HS football, especially at winning programs. I can see getting beat athletically, but not mentally, and missing tackles as much as they do.

That leads to coaching, particularly on D. 12 men on the field after TO just before Monmouth final TD? Amazing. I did like how D took some more chances — not many more — today and played a little more pressed coverage.

Lots of positives on O despite what I counted as four dropped passes. O line, despite injuries, deserves at least a B. Sodeke and Shaf (a real gamer) As. Shaf doesn’t get hurt, this could have been a W or OT.

(I counted only four times where Zambelli blew names this week; that’s a B for him. He also missed the fact Timochenko replaced McHale for the Hail Mary on the last play of the game.)

Watching on TV, it was hard to tell how much Bourgeois was in there on D, but I did see at least one REAL, wrap up tackle from him; Kondas looked to be tackling well, too. But the number of missed tackles by the rest of the gang is hard to watch. What can be the explanation?

Defense gets a C- or D; they did have some good stops. I can’t find the stats yet, but did they give up 600 yards this week? Should be close.

And what’s with helmets coming off? Sodeke had to leave four times for this. And at one point McHale almost had to come out had they not called a TO.

What’s up with these FG teams, both of them? This is scholarship level FCS?

At least it was close and not a PL game.

Good news is we get to play Georgetown in PL play. That should be one of the few games we’ll be a favorite to win.

My comments probably make it look worse than it was. Better tackling, tighter pass coverage, fewer drops and this could have been a 35-14 Lehigh win.

The potential seems there — does everyone have the ability to step up? Or is it a physical issue? Small D-linemen, etc.?