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Welcome aboard dad. Preaching to the choir. 3-4 does not work without a true NG.Guyles is a very agile DE as is Tim. Laub a strongside LB. Fast athletic LBs as ours work very well behind even an avg DL. Palma only decent size DT. The frosh DL will be very good.Expect Cavenas to be getting more PR as he progresses. A weak DL is a cascading problem for back 7. LBs get caught in OL surge and Dbs forced up. While that is a fact ,it fails to explain atricious tackling evident on Sat.
Shaf is our O right now. Overused by OC way too much. Sodeke is fine and hopefully Yosha back in 3-5 weeks. Pelletier is real and a difference maker. O will,I think be fine. OL s/b sold even with the injuries. I dont see a quick fix for D. Better tackling will help a lit.
Must remember ,other than UNH, we were in every game against tough teams. If we keep our resolve we’ll do OK in PL. A winning season would be a miracle.