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I believe a big problem is that these kids come into camp out of shape. Other than the locals coming to practice throughout the summer these players are coming to camp throwing their guts up the first day of practice. They have to do something better in the off season.

I hope they concentrate on getting a dozen big linemen in the recruiting this year. We have a lot of talent and a very young team but it seems like the coaches are not putting the right kids in the right place. Why is Kauf still at fullback? I’ve seen this kid play in high school and he belongs on defense, he is great! I’ve also seen Crawford in two of the PA State Playoff games a few years ago and he is also a great linebacker who can also help on defense. You have these two kids on the side lines the last four games and I can’t understand why? FYI, I am from the Lehigh Valley and want to see these local boys do well.

I am very optimistic about this team, we are very young and very talented we just need some more meat on the line!