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Buddy,Most kids are told the position they are being recruited for. Some kids pick their schools based upon the position they were originally recruited to play. A kid that played both ways in HS probably got recruited on both sides of the ball. As far as kids coming into camp out of shape,you must be talking about the freshman only. After 1 training camp,most players know exactly what is in store and ARE ready. A great example of a kid being recruited for FB,not LB, as he played both in HS is Zach Hayden. Zach struggled to get on the field early and many thought he should be on D. He made a huge impact last season as a FB. If Tyler Ward had wanted to play receiver instead of safety, he would have chosen another school. AND since the play book is huge on both sides of the ball, a switch would not happen until off season. See you on the 11th!