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SBum, I can take some blame on the lack of chatter on Leufroy as I was out of the country for past week and am late to reply. Love the video love the video. Pretty polished player and I tell you the one tweet on him I saw that made ton of sense to me after watching his videos a couple times was the. “Scores at all 3 levels” because like a lot of HS guys he can shoot the 3 and get to the tin but what impressed me a ton was his mid range game, pull-ups and floaters and good body control slicing through paint.

What strikes me odd is he never did an official? Did he take unofficial? Have we ever had a Lu kid sign before an official visit , not that I can recall.

If we have 3 spots for this class we can absolutely positively not go a guard….or I might lose my mind. We need a 4 man and badly, holding out for Ernst or hibbits. If we have 4 spots and pointer is willing then I would be okay with it as long as it accompanied the 4th guy being a big. Interestingly Kroogs was back in Arkansas maybe putting final touches on pointer if indeed Clemson and withita state are out. Man that would be something.