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I’m probably overly optimistic about this season – but I’ll be disappointed if we don’t finish in the top 3. I fully expect to compete for the PL title.
When you consider where we were at this time last year, current state just feels good to me. We lost SO much in terms of points and minutes after the 2013 season, last year felt like starting from scratch. To my mind, for this year, we really only lost MM. Granted, that’s a significant loss, but we’ve got a bunch of other guys who have now played MAJOR minutes at this level, and have been together for a full year. I don’t think we can overlook how many guys were brand-spankin’ new last year – and in the end, the results weren’t bad.
Based on feedback we’re hearing, I too expect AP to make a significant leap this year. I’ll be pretty disappointed if he is not a 12+ ppg guy. I think we can also expect to see JC continue to develop, and his role clear up. Even with no great leap, I think we all feel good about where TK is now. I do expect his game-to-game production to be more consistent, having the year under his belt. But I think he’s a rock we can build on.
The big question remains PG. Does KR step right in, or does MS make some major strides? I think the second is very likely, even if KR is day 1 ready; he reminds me of JG’s path. The biggest issue we saw in JG’s first year, to me, was with confidence and the adjustment to the game speed. That changed dramatically last year, and I feel like that’s not unreasonable to expect from MS this year. If neither of those two seem to be catching on, I have no concerns about CS running the point. He’s got the experience and the head to do it.
I hope I’m not disappointed, but I fully expect a big return this year.