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Four that come to my head first … spanning 38 years …

I was at Delaware in 1981 when Larry Michalski hit Dan Ryan with a long pass (reality is it wasn’t more than 35 yards or so, but it seemed long) that — if I recall correctly — won the game, 24-21. That play, one of three TDs they teamed up on that day, was one of the most exciting I ever saw. Delaware was ranked No. 1 at the time.

The last game in Taylor — I think — was the coldest game I’ve ever been to.

The 1971 LU-LAF game at Taylor was amazing. I seem to remember watching John Hill roll-block LC D-linemen. Kim McQuilken had an OK game (10-21-158 as a sophomore), but Jack Rizzo ran for 313 yards (no one will ever come close to that) and Don Diorio 194. Talk about some talent.

That late pick by Al Pierce to seal the 27-21 upset over the Pards at Goodman in 2009. First home win vs LC in six years for 4-7 team. You can re-live that INT here …